and so it was that I began...

After travelling several Countries selling handmade Crafts, Life stopped me in Barcelona. Around the year 1981, I made my living selling on the streets, in the markets or in the corridors of the Metros of Barcelona. I manufactured hanging pendants made with very small Stones, that I picked up on a beach in Andalucía. In those stones I engraved the name of the person that bought me the stone. One day, thanks to my Destiny I stopped in this beautifull and peacefull town called Malgrat de Mar. I rent a Little piece of land, where I could set up a small table with my littles stones, my tools and my illusion. Over the Years, with effort, creativity and luck, VLADIMIR... was born! Time has passed, but I still listen in the memory of my ears the voices of many people when in those summers evenings, pointing me and commented..." look, look the Hippie has come..."

Thank you very much for allowing me to share a part of my Life!

Our Collections

Decoración Vladimir Malgrat de Mar


Lámparas Vladimir Malgrat de Mar


Figuras Étnicos Vladimir Malgrat de Mar

Ethnics Figures

Surtidores y Fuentes Vladimir Malgrat de Mar

Fountain and Water Pumps

Bisutería Vladimir Malgrat de Mar

Costume Jewellery

Gravados Vladimir Malgrat de Mar


Bolsos Artesanales Vladimir Malgrat de Mar

Handmade Handbags

Souvenirs Vladimir Malgrat de Mar


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